February 28, 2009

Got Mojo? 30

Challenge # 30 from Scrap Mojo is up and awesome (as always)! This one was super hard for me, because I'm out of lovey-dovey ideas thanks to all of the Valentines Day related prompts I've been doing. So I began thinking of non-people related loves. I figured I have enough coffee related pages, so here's one for my love of KC!

The photograph's not the greatest, but limited time + shiny paper = me dealing with it.
P.S. The hearts on the page are hiding. There's the pink one by the "My Home Sweet Home" sub-title, but there's some in the patterned paper strips, if you look close.

February 27, 2009

Category Stories Parts 1 and 2

I'm excited that Category Stories is putting up two challenges a month now! Part 1 for February was to use "What I Love About ________". Here's what I came up with:

Title: What I love about you...

Sub-title: You are so silly

The journaling reads: are a sock thief, like to tinker with everything, pretty much only eat 5-year-old food, take funny self-portraits, are childlike with wonder, really know how to dance :), prefer to drink out of vases, jars, etc., make funny faces, order hot chocolate at coffeehouses, can play music on everything (including your head), move furniture randomly, draw cartoons & make a cute pouty face.

The prompt really inspired me to write down all of the funny, quirky things I love about Jake. When I stumbled upon these goofy photos, the match was perfect.

The category for Part 2 was “DATE NIGHT”. This inspired me to write about our first date, which I have no photos from.

Like how the journaling is framed in by a window because the movie was "Secret Window"? Eh, eh? I'm not going to reproduce the journaling because it is super long. You can mostly get the jist from the picture, right? You're probably sick of all of the Jake pages, but what can I say? February makes me lovey-dovey, I suppose!

February 20, 2009

February 19, 2009

February Inspiration Vacation:CD Art

My monthly Inspiration Vacation class at The Scrapbook Page is coming up next week! This round the pages are inspired by CD album art! You'll not only get to create three fabulous pages, but you'll also learn how to get those creative juices flowing! You can see a full page sample from the class here. I think the Beatles inspired one is my favorite.

Here's a sneak peek of the other two pages:

The class is Thursday, February 26 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. I've also recently learned that The Page will ship class packs, so if you don't live in the KC area, you can still get in on the action! Call 913-383-1552 for sign-ups.

P.S. I think there are still one or two class packs left from my February Mini-Madness Class and my January Inspiration Vacation Class.

February 18, 2009

Inspired by Amelie #10

This page is for the inspired by Amelie challenge to use some Gnomes. So, I introduce to you Fontelroy. I bought him in high school out of love for the traveling gnome in Amelie. He was also a prompt for my speech in French 5 over the le Front pour la Libération des Nains de Jardin (FLNJ). When we got married, Jake was not a fan. I got to pick a select number of my quirky things (scary things in his opinion) for our new apartment, but Fontelroy accidentently broke. Accidentally. Yeah right. I haven't been able to find another gnome I like though... Sorry you can't read the journaling from the photo, but the jist of it is in the paragraph above.

The Creative Type Prompt #11/ Valentine's Day Bonus

The are for the current challenges up at The Creative Type.

This first one is for Prompt #11 "Framed In". I framed the photo of my brother-in-law Nick with journaling. The title is "One the Road", after Nick's favorite book. He wants to travel the U.S. (to all of the national parks) and write a book about it. I think that's pretty awesome.

This one is for the Valentine's Day Bonus Prompt. The theme of the prompt is "Love Letters". I did the string of "Love" words in Photoshop, which was super fun and easy. The envelope contains a poem Jake wrote me in May 2004 after the first night we said "I love you". The title is "Last Night I Almost Kissed You". That's also the title of the poem.

February 17, 2009

This is what victory looks like

Eliza vs. the Playdough Tower

Eliza Wins!

February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!

My sweet little cupcake's V-Day pages from last year:

She is so super cute in these photos! P.S. I love Target. And, if you're in for a real life love story, here's a page about how Jake and I met:

Hope you experienced lots of love in your life today!

February 12, 2009

Congradulations Taylor Cool!

You've won a spot in the February Inspiration Vacation Class at the Scrapbook Page on Thursday February 26, 2009! Here's her extra page from the January class inspired by Project Runway:

Inspired by this dress by Uli Herzner:

I love how the tie-dye splashes on the fabric inspired Taylor to make pinweel-like photo mats!

February 11, 2009


The inspiration vacation extra pages for January are due today! To help you with that extra push to get it done, here's the pages for the class along with their fab inspiration pieces. And hey, if you didn't do the January Inspiration Vacation class, then maybe this will inspire you to check out February's CD Album Art Inspiration Vacation class here.

I think it's pretty obvious how this Jack Mackenroth dress inspired the page, right?

The inspiration from this Korto Momolu dress is a little less in-your-face. Yes, the prominent color in the page is green. That's a no brainier. But look closely and you can see how the beads on the dress turn into the circles on the page. The asymitry was also a big influence.

This one is from my favorite Project Runway designer so far, Jeffrey Sebelia. The translation is pretty straight forward here, also.

This one is Jeffrey Sebelia inspired too. I did this page a long time ago, but I though it'd help to see one with pictures! You can link your pics up here or bring them to the store. I'll announce the winner tomorrow night!

February 10, 2009

Seeing Stars

Yes, Eliza has a little star in her bellybutton. How cute is that? An example of not loving the page, but loving the story. That's what's really important in scrapbooking (at least most of the time) in my grad opinion. I need to just accept that I can't work with large amounts of cardstock and move on. Anyways... I DO like the stars. They're KI Memories lace, and I painted them with a few mixed colors of acrylic. I also cut the pink stars out of the middle of circle Love, Elsie acrylic stickers. Acrylic stickers become much more fun once your willing to cut them up! I'll show a cut scalloped boarder using them in a few days.

Scraplift Love

I got the idea for this page about Eliza's favorite stuffed animal, Strawberry the Bunny, from this page by Elizabeth Kartchner:

I think she's so inspiring! You can find here at her blog,"just us".

February 5, 2009

Logo Inspiration

To be quite honest with you, I'm not all about this scrapbook page. It's scraplifted from one of Becky Higgin's CK sketches (Jan 09 I think). When I scraplift her stuff the result always seems a little bare to me. Lots of cardstock is just not my forte, I guess. That aside, I LOVE the title on this page! Eliza was helping me make coffee when Jake took these photos, so I thought that the logo for the Coffee-Mate brand of coffee creamer would make a cute addition. To make the title, I transfered the image of the logo onto the cardstock using transfer paper. Logos are a great place to look when you're stuck on titles!