July 4, 2008

Random Layouts

"You are my Sunshine"

This is a layout of Grammy (my name for my Grandma) when she was young. I miss her so much.

"His Eye is on the Sparrow"

"Holiday Jammies"

Man, I love those baby blues. I've been feeling in the mood for Christmas layout lately. I like this layout because it celebrates one of the abnormal Christmas traditions that we have- Jammies! My parents are split, so I always kept on my p.j.s for the first half of Christmas so it would feel like Christmas morning at both parent's houses. And then when I was pregnant with Eliza, I couldn't fit into anything but p.j.s, so Jake was kind enough to wear snowman p.j.s all day with me so I wouldn't feel silly in my flannel reindeer ones at the family parties. Now it's our tradition to try to stay in pajamas for as much of the day as possible!

"To Be a Daredevil, You Have to Have Courage"
This is Poppy, my Grandpa, when he was younger. How wicked cool is that jump? He raced dirt bikes for a long time, and had a ridiculously large collection of trophies, which he gave to kids that came to one of their garage sale one year. He kept the plaques off of them and a few of his favorite, but man those plaques still take up tons of space. I would have loved to see him at the top of his game. He still rides often though. He just retired and has been taking long trips on his motorcycle.

"King for a Day"
A layout that I did for Got Mojo? Challenge # 3 that, true to character, I never turned in. The picture of me was taken at NCORE 2007 (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education). The photo was a happy accident, taken through a window. The reflection of the woman in traditional African clothing looking over me was a result of her placement on the other side of the window next to Jake, the photographer.

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