June 3, 2008

*photo heavy* Eye Candy

My printer is out of ink, so I've been rockin' it with the pictures I already have. So, there's a lot of oldies but goodies.

"We're Better Together"

This is an old layout, but it's Jake's favorite so I put it up for him. The pictures were taken in 2005.

"Rose's Thorns"

A layout about the murder mystery one act I wrote and directed in high school, which one me a cute little best director "Oscar" for the year. It's for yet another challenge out of We Dare You. The challenge was to scrap an accomplishment.

"No Pony"

A picture of me and Jake a week before Eliza was born. We made a deal with her in the womb that she could only have a pony if she was born in 2005 (so that we could get the tax break). Now when we go through the whole "Mommy I want a pony" phase, we can tell her that she lost that deal fair and square.

"I am Sorrow"

My senior pictures. The journaling is my favorite sonnet that I wrote in high school. It reads:

I am Sorrow, the Straight Edge Queen of Hearts
The King has slain himself on battlefields
The price to pay he did know from the start
I knew too late his hollow fate was sealed

Opposing suit, I am now dressed in black
The color of my heart that's turned to stone
My mind is haunted by the pressing fact
That him I could have saved had I just known

If I, perhaps, my tragic mask had changed
His spirit would, instead, have breathed in life
But as it is his comic face is hanged
He could not take my vast and sourceless strife

Because my words of comfort were not said
King Happiness, my other half, is dead

"I Love... in 2002"

These were a few of my favorite things (all authentically taken from my journals in 2002).

"#18: Je Crois en Toi"

Okay, I didn't know it was a Celine Dion fact until after I made the page. Oops. Anyway, I have a "To Do Before I Die" list, and #18 was to "Spell Believe Without Lie", which is a play on the No Use for a Name song Insecurity Alert. The answer to this riddle? Fall for a boy who woos you in French.

"#4: Save the World"

Also on my list is to save the world or make a dent. Featured here is the Vincent van Gogh quote "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

"The Same Hair"

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