January 22, 2009

The Creative Type #9

This is for the current challenge at The Creative Type. The challenge was to scrap your New Year's Resolution and, of course, use a creative fonts!

As always, my resolution stemmed from my "To Do Before I Die List". Usually I just make it a goal to complete as many as possible, but this year I decided to pick a few specific ones that seemed doable for 2009. Wish me luck!

P.S. Some of my accomplishments for 2008:

#8) Get a tattoo.
#9) Go to a peace rally.
#36) Register to vote.
#37) Actually vote (This tells you how young I am...)
#215) Take a picture with a fat Elvis.
#282) Help Eliza become bi-lingual.
#294) Volunteer time for a campaign for a politician I believe in.
#304) Get an internship.

Seven isn't bad, I don't think. Some of the things on my ever-growing list are serious, some are more fun. I think it's a good way to keep track of my goals, and also lets you see how much I've changed and grown. I've kept this list since 1999 and it's interesting to compare the kinds of things I write now with the things I wrote then. It also helps me feel accomplished!

What would you write on your list?


Sandy said...

i truly adore your resolutions, and all how you really embraced the spirit of the challenge!! thanks so much for playing! (-:

Pam said...

I love the mixture of typefaces,
and I LOVE your blog banner too!

judean said...

so cool how you did your title work--love the look of "resolutions"

Savitri said...

What a fun page!!! I LOVE this!
I'd love to write a novel too. I'm not an awesome writer but I just want to do it just because :) Not this year's goal tho :):)