January 5, 2009

The Three R's

A good New Years Resolution for all of us scrappers is to scrap a little more green! Fast ways?

1. Keep a paper recycling box or bin in your scrap space. You'd be surprised how fast those little bits and pieces of paper add up.

2. Buy Green! Lots of companies, such as K & Company and Piggy Tales, have lines of products that are recycled.

3. Go digital! Dabbling in the world of digital scrapbooking will not only help out the environment, but will save you money also! Check out Two Peas in a Bucket for tons of free digital kits from awesome designers like Rhonna Farrar. A very pretty way to reduce.

4. Participate in The Scrapbook Page Garage Sale on Saterday, February 7th. You can sell your old supplies for store credit or you can stop by to get cool stuff on the cheap! Either way, it's reusing!

5. Challenge yourself to make a few pages using only cardstock and your scraps. Sometimes I forget what great stuff ends up in my scrap box until I do this!

6. My personal favorite is to use unexpected objects that you would normally throw away. This one covers all three R's. See the layout below.

"Serial Cereal"

A close-up look at these accents shows them for what they really are: Punched-out pieces from the game board of Eliza's Hi Ho! Cherry-O game. I just added some jewels to spruce them up a bit.

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Ashlee said...

Hey there! How are you!! Thanks for the tips. you can check out my craft blog if you want..there are some scrapbooking pages and stuff...I need to post more though! myswankycrafts.blogspot.com. TTYL!