August 9, 2009

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Today I put on my running (walking) shoes with family, friends, and 28,000 other Kansas City dwellers for the 2009 Susan G. Komen Kansas City Race for the Cure.

Jake is missing from the photo, as he was taking the pictures and is reluctant to hand his SLR over to a stranger. We need to invest in a point and shoot.

We were walking in memory of Grammy, my grandma Shelly Kiekel.

It was awesome that there were so many people there and it was beautiful walking through the city. There were even live bands every couple of blocks!

I feel like a wimp because I've been exhausted all day. Maybe this would be excusable if we ran it, but we walked it. In my defense, they picked the route with the most possible uphill climbs. It was a great morning either way and was a wonderful bonding experience for our family. We also saw a bunch of funny shirts, like "Huffin' for Healthy Hooters" and "Hell ya, they're fake. The real ones tried to kill me!" We will definitely be doing it again next year.

Now for some scrap love.

I wanted to do something that reminded me of Grammy before the walk. Nothing says Grammy like homemade chocolate chip cookies. Except for the background page, everything here is from the July Vintage Plum kit. It's kind of mostly scraplifted from a wonderful page by the amazingly talented Dani Johnston.

I also just got around to scrapping some Easter pages. This one is my favorite.

Lastly, I couldn't resist this amazing self-portrait Jake took. He didn't even have a tripod, he put his camera on his bike. Talk about resourceful!

P.S. Check back later this week for a big reveal!


Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Congratulations on doing the walk! I like your chocolate chip page - looks like you really stamped chocolate chips on there.

danilouwho said...

I love the pages - so cool to have inspired one as well!!