April 27, 2009

The Creative Type #15

For a fun challenge over at The Creative Type:

The challenge was to journal directly on your photo, which I do all of the time, so I extended the challenge to myself to make a photo just for the journaling! The journaling block is actually a photoshoped picture of the stage. I had every intention of sewing a spot in the page protector for the playbill, but got lazy and attached it with brads instead. Just so you all know, it also took a ton of bravery to put that photo on the page! I think I look pretty darn horrible, but I'll live.


judean said...

I think it's awesome you went out on a limb and tried something neww--plus, it looks pretty damn cool!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

What kind of pen do you use when you write on your photos? I want to try it but I'm not sure if I have the right style.

Megan said...

The best type of pen to use to write on a photo (or any slick surface) is Slick Writers by American Crafts. Gel Pens usually work okay too, but I'd test them first. If you have any other product questions like that, feel free to ask. I work at a scrapbooking store, so I'm full of useful