April 30, 2009

Got Mojo #33: Peter Pan+Frame

I love the most recent challenge over at Scrap Mojo! The challenge was to use ANYTHING from Peter Pan that YOU love and use a frame some where some how on your page. I thought it was a great opportunity to get to working on my project described on this post .

A little mermaid love!

I painted the canvas, added some of the mermaids and a page out of a Peter Pan from Elsie's Neverland kit at her etsy, elsiecake. I also drew one of my very own mermaids:

I used acrylic paint for her skin so you couldn't see the words, and then colored the rest with sparkly Crayolas. The other mermaids are colored in with crayons as well. I think my favorite part is the buttons :) I didn't have a frame I liked for the challenge, so I used them to make one.

And, since I'm sharing, here's some other things I've done with the kit:

I'm so excited to finish all of these! They're going to look great hanging together!

P.S. Thank you Jake for taking the pictures of these and for doing the fun spotlight effect on the first photo. Love you honey!


Sigmagirl said...

I forgot about the mermaids!!! Love your paintings. This is magical!

Thanks for playing along...

Jamie said...

I saw your photos on flickr and came to check out your blog! I looove what you did with that kit! Awesome!!!

Simona said...

Wow, amazing project!!! Thanks so much for playing with us!

Melissa said...

WOW!! Very cool!!! Love the mermaids!!

Thanks for playing along!
Melissa - Mojo

Michelle said...

All your creations look great! Love your spin on the challenge. Elsie's drawings are so much fun. Thanks for playing.
Michelle (Scrap Mojo)