May 16, 2009

Indian Elephant

Here's a quick post amidst all of the packing.

My lovely aunt, Beth, has decorated her bathroom in a sort of Indian teal theme, and is having a little bit of trouble finding decorations. I thought of this little Basic Gray elephant rub-on, and thought that she could benefit from my wood mixed media painting kick. I was surprised how well the rub-ons stayed on!

I'm glad this worked, now I can save my favorite rub-ons for wall art!


Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I can never get rub-ons to work right, and you did it on WOOD. I bow in your presence.

Megan said...

My secret is the Making Memories Embossing Stylus. I've found that most rub-on brands don't work well with the popsicle stick included in the package, and the products packaged as rub-on tools don't work that great for detailed or poorly-made rub-ons. You can find one on-line cheap here: