May 12, 2009

OWL #51: Two

Congrats to One Little Word! They are celebrating their second birthday, so their challenge word is "Two".

I decided to use the challenge to celebrate my two favorite teenagers with a special mini:

My little sister, Taylor, and Jake's little sister, Savannah, happen to be the same age. The result is a lot of loud giggly slumber parties at our apartment.

This is Savannah:

And this is Taylor:

The book still has tons of pages to document the hilarious moments that I'm sure are just around the corner:

To make this mini, I just bought one of Making Memories 8x8 packs of paper (I used this) and glued each piece to the other matching piece because the paper was single sided. I used paper scraps and the packaging for the paper that had shapes cut out of it. I alternated these sheets with transparencies. To bind, I simply lined the papers up, clipped them with binder clips so they wouldn't slip, and punched three holes. I used spare fabric strips to hold it all together and sewed buttons on the end instead of tying knots:

I've been saving this paper for the girls, so thanks to One Little Word for getting me to finally get this project started!


Lynn said...

Gorgeous! love it!

Beth Perry said...

That is one UH=MAZING MINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!